About Pica Pica

Pica Pica (Eurasian magpie) is a resident breeding bird throughout Europe, much of Asia and northwest Africa. It is believed to be not only the brightest bird but one of the most intelligent animals.

Like humans, it expresses emotions such as grief and compassion, and its episodic memory enables it to use tools and store food. With exceptional intelligence and individual mindedness, Pica Pica has been a creative source to many poets and artists from different cultures and eras.

As Bowie Choi, the founder of the Pica Pica Gallery remarked, the name Pica Pica represents an enjoyable voice belonging to nature, a call for the reflective mind. A learning journey with the gallery is meant to inspire discovery of nature (understand), a search for the individual mind (explore) and multifaceted exchange (communicate). We hope to promote our belief in PICA:

  • P– Prolific minds, which embrace creativity and difference;
  • I– Integrated growth, which promotes the learning of different media and techniques;
  • C– Care for individuality, which encourages one to explore one’s boundary; and
  • A– Affection in art, which makes art an enlightening, lifelong friend.
Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
Pablo Picasso


With the synergy of professional instruction and close observation by instructors, students are able to build a solid drawing foundation.

Pica Pica provides opportunities for emerging and established artists through using various media ranging from traditional to modern to explore ideas around contemporary drawing and make them visible in the public domain and competitions.

By holding drawing classes, hands-craftmenship workshops, art symposia and creative portfolio review sessions, Pica Pica has tried to create an atmosphere in which various or creative mindsets would be able to express and represent themselves, so it would be able to provide an atmosphere for independence and expansion of drawing as well as to master self-learning skills which enable them to cope with any media with ease.

What’s the Difference

  • Individualized Learning

    Using innovative individualized learning approaches to stimulate students’ passion for art learning, Pica Pica is unmatched by traditional drawing house. With certifications in art and design, our teachers maximize learning outcome while ensuring healthy psychological and a growth for every child.

    Based on each individual’s drawing ability, rather than his/her age or painting level, we tailor-make individual drawing progress and provide optimal painting content for each student.

  • Nurture a Good Habit of Painting Practice

    Through a good habit of regular practice of drawing, students’ creativity and solid painting foundation can be fostered step by step.

  • Self-Learning

    Students are guided and motivated to solve problems independently through inspiring demonstrations and
    conscientious designed topics, thus the drawing ability can be enhanced.

  • What do we Inspire

    With professional instruction and strong peers supports, Pica Pica strives to explore students
    potential and equip them with lifelong thinking skills, thus they can benefit in both drawing ability
    and character building.

  • Advanced Lifelong Learning

    After building a solid foundation, students are motivated to go further beyond their current art level.
    This enable them to get well prepared for the challenge in the future as both painting
    and thinking ability had been enhanced.

If you are interested in becoming a Pica Pica instructor,
you are welcome to call us for interview.